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Welcome to Courage 2 Organize!

Courage 2 Organize would like to offer you the opportunity to learn and apply new systems to your life and spaces that will improve your efficiency and time management, clear the unnecessary objects from your spaces, and increase your calm, peace, and serenity as you enjoy your daily life surrounded by items that provide you joy, functionality, and purpose.


Courage 2 Organize, Because it's not just about the stuff™ was chosen with intention.  "Courage" is necessary to recognize we need help, to ask for help, to let someone into our messes, whatever they may be.  "2" emphasizes the partnership between us and our clients.  We work together.  And sometimes, we simply need someone else for accountability, to get us moving, to keep us focused.  "Organize" summarizes the process.  We learn about you, your space, your stuff, as well as your vision for your space, and perhaps even your life.  We educate you and gently challenge you, working toward unifying these visions.  "Because it's not just about the stuff™" refers to the psychology behind why we have what we have.  Again, it takes courage to consider and explore these reasons on the way to developing lasting organizational systems.